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At the top of initiative choose a random Player and a random creature. Each is the target of an illusory hand that takes a swipe at them from a nearby mirror. +5 to Hit and 1d6 +3 psychic damage.

Status Symbol Table:

d20 Type Description
1 Potion Shrine A vast collection of potions.
2 Notches Notches in the ear, brow, forearm or someother body part.
3 An Attack A thief attacks a house servant of the elven queen. The servant agrees to help you infiltrate the circle if you save him or her.
Loot Pothole You stumble over a loose section of carved white stone along a forest path. There is a sachtel underneathe. Roll on the Magic Items A Chart twice. Plus 1d8 + 10 Gold.
Hook Wedding A group of wedding goers catches up the players and they are spirited along for the evening of dancing and merriment.
Nature Magic Pollen Small motes of light are cast from somewhere else. Gain 1d10 + 3 temporary Hit Point for 3d10 hours.

Drow Villian Backstory

Vhonriel, the relatively young Matron Mother of House Ichambra, will stop at nothing to regain the power she lost when Matron Mother Zendalure of House Auvryrahel attempted to usurp her using her own Haidmaidens of Loth. She has summoned Jubilex and Demogorgon to destroy the drow House, but they proved too much and most of the drow succumbed to death. Her rite took many weeks to accomplish, and she inadvertantly summoned a nebulous cloud of the Astral Plane which contained the Book of Vile Darkness.