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Hello. I've worked for years on stories and themes in my writing but never really considered how I might post my work. So when I decided making my own page was the solution I coded for months to make a site that worked on desktop as well as mobile. I made an awful mess, but that brought a smidge of clarity to my work. I threw out the old site and made this one. It should work no matter the screen size and I hope you find it pleasing to read while you comfortably review short stories I am currently working on.

Almost everything here is unpublished, so this site is more a way to give people access to my work before it's in book form, and I hope you'll give me feedback. I'd like to make these stories into an anthology at some point, but for now they are ephemeral. I've worked hard on these, and I hope you like them.


2023/November 09: Updating the site . Looks much better this time. -LMB

2023/October 30: New post! The story of a group of commuters in a nameless subway station. They leave the world behind them to witness things unseen in everyday reality. I hope you enjoy it. -lmb


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